Please find below some excerpts and testimonials from recent clients about their coaching experience with me:

“Pratish Mistry has changed my life. Having just gone through a particularly difficult crossroad, it really helped me to know that there was someone that I could talk to who wouldn’t bombard me with his opinion or his version of my story. We receive so much advice from so many people (despite how private we may attempt to keep a situation) when going through these circumstances and it’s very easy to let doubt and frustration slip in because all of a sudden there’s all this noise coming at you.

Whereas I am grateful for the concern and love of those around me, their advice may not always be the most suitable for my particular situation. This is where it is invaluable to have Pratish on your team. He listens carefully and is able to understand what is being said regardless of how confusing or jumbled it is in your head – and then he asks the questions that you may not have thought to ask yourself, or you may have avoided. It’s very different from the type of conversation you may have with a friend and I was actually quite surprised by our first session, it wasn’t focused on rehashing the details of the situation’s past.

Pratish is very skilled at what he does, but does not come across as forceful – and that was really important to me. He helped me find my courage to face the situation and with his help I was able break the whole thing down into actionable items with timelines I felt that I could manage. Most importantly he taught me strategies to cope with the perceptions and comments that inevitably followed – strategies that I will likely apply to numerous other situations in the future. I really don’t think I could have effectively managed the situation on my own and I am beyond grateful for Pratish’s guidance and the positive difference he was able to make in my life in a really short time – I am a much happier person for having made that difficult decision and seeing it through.”

……….Amla (St Augustine, Trinidad)

“I was not quite sure what to expect from coaching as I had been to a counsellor some time back – I had found counselling very useful to help me understand why I do the things I do but something was still missing for me and I just felt stuck despite having that understanding. My experience of coaching with Pratish was nothing short of enlightening – it helped me work out exactly what it is I wanted and set me along the path with solid action steps. The beauty of it is that in the entire process I was not told to do anything. I drove the process and felt 100% confident afterwards that I had worked out the best solution for myself.”

……….Lucia D (Hamilton, Canada)

“I have often thought of Life Coaching as an option to work through my difficult life stories but had no one I felt I could trust to share the intimate details of my pain and failures. Pratish instantly won my confidence with his clarity and professionalism. He was curious without being interfering and easily showed me that the solutions were there… within me.

I would need a great deal more space to describe all the positive, life changing things that Pratish has introduced me to through our sessions. I am amazed at my thoughts on relationships, freedom, forgiveness, planning, and numerous other things that he helped bring to the fore. The discovery of thoughts and opinions I was carrying was so enlightening. Pratish has an easy, patient and awesome manner… giving guidance without leading, easily helping me to identify and deal with my issues in a comfortable, open manner. To be allowed to discuss things so openly with someone I felt I could trust was a revelation in itself. The strong trust created in our sessions was key to enabling me to think, to grow and to make my decisions.

I now look forward to dealing with situations rather than avoiding or stressing over them ago. Pratish is a fantastic coach… highly recommended.”

……….Meera (Port of Spain, Trinidad)

“I am a senior manager at a large company and consider myself pretty successful at work. While I was enjoying my career though, I felt as though other important areas of my life were not being properly taken care of. The coaching process helped me relook at my priorities and make the necessary adjustments to ensure I did not neglect my family and spiritual needs. I really appreciated Pratish’s gentle style and calm tone of voice which made the process a painless, insightful one.”

……….Michelle (Pretoria, South Africa)

“I had heard much about coaching and was keen to try it out to see if it would help me get through a really messy divorce. The process of discovering exactly what I wanted and why it was important to me was invaluable – no doubt the effects of that will postively affect both my future relationships and other areas of my life…”

……….Jason D (London, UK)

“It felt great to have someone listen without passing judgment on what I was saying… I felt really comfortable discussing some sensitive relationship topics that had been bothering me for a while. I signed up for a 3 month package and was surprised that after just the first four weeks I feel like I’m really becoming a new person – it’s as though the process makes something simply ‘click’ inside you.”

……….Nafeeza (Essex, UK)

“About four months ago I had left my job without another one in hand – I had just had enough. Initially it was great but after a while I could see myself floundering around without direction and it was spooky. After only two coaching sessions with Pratish I had created some tangible options for myself that I was very happy with. In my third session I created a detailed action plan to pursue one of the opportunities which I am very excited about. I missed this level of enthusiasm when it came to my job and I’m glad I went through the coaching process to help me find it once more!”

……….Richard K (Johannesburg, South Africa)

If you would like to add your own testimonial to this list, please contact me with a brief paragraph including your thoughts and the value of the coaching experience for you.

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